About Us

An ethical heart,


Hi, I'm Sophie and I run West Plum Studio, an ethical design studio based in York. 

My mission is to make it easier for you to shop more ethically by creating beautiful, good quality, eco-friendly products.

All of my products are made in Yorkshire and are as eco-friendly as possible

a love of triangles,


I like exploring nature, architecture and other cultures to uncover the shapes found all around us and use them for inspiration in my work although I have a particular soft spot for triangles!

I also enjoy creating my own original hand lettering and using this to create motivational products to inspired others to follow their dreams!

a lifetime of creativity!


Ever since I was little I've always been making things. I come from a creative family but never considered that could be a career option for me.

Over the years I found I was spending less time being creative. I finally decided to do something about this and enrolled in the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design courses run by the amazing Make it in Design team.

This opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and I've not looked back!

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